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Welcome to The

I am Rachna Monga Koppikar, founder of this blog. Our mission is to help Women become confident and wiser in managing their money.



How do we help you become moneywise?

  • If you are a homemaker, we will help you understand how to manage and track family finances and channelize your savings into investments.
  • If you are a working woman, we will help you achieve family goals, such as travel, education, kids’ education, marriage and even plan your retirement.
  • If you are a single woman (or a mom), we will make sure you secure your future financially

 A little bit about us…

Financial markets fascinated me ever since I was a teenager. Collecting clippings of financial markets terms like Sensex, interest rates, RBI, was my pastime.  This interest took me to a postgraduate diploma in financial markets.

I stepped in the world of investing in the year 2000 when dotcom companies were a fad and stock markets were just around its peak. The Ketan Parikh scam, the dotcom bust eroded investors stock wealth.  Not only that, investors in state-owned Unit Trust of India (UTI)’s investors lost their life savings as its popular schemes UTI Mastershare and UTI Mastergain couldn’t give assured returns anymore.

A stint as a mutual fund analyst at Value Research India Private Ltd, India’s first mutual fund research organisation, helped me understand how mutual funds and underlying market of stocks and bonds work. We analysed mutual funds day in and day out.

Our experience

For a broader perspective on investing world, I moved to personal finance journalism with Businessworld (one of the two leading business publications of that time), Mint Newspaper and Business Today. Writing for these leading publications gave in-depth insights into investment and insurance products, investor behaviour, newer investment products.

The birth of The Great Gruhini

A sabbatical gave a new meaning and a new identity. During my kid’s school pick and drop visits, I met women from different walks of life; women who left jobs to raise kids, women who were always a homemaker, women who were doing business from home and some who wanted to get out of the home. was born to help them understand their finances in a simple language.

We have started providing financial advice to women based on their requirements.

We welcome you to join our Mission:  Be a “Great Gruhini” who spends, saves and invests wisely!

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  1. I just love your blog lady.
    Keep up the good work!
    Yassir A Pitalwalla

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