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Good reads for the International Women’s Week

great, gruhini

Hello Gruhinis Happy International Women’s Week  (albeit little late in the day). No we weren’t being lazy. We believe each day is a Women’s day if we choose it to be. Nonetheless, in the spirit of the moment, we share with you an awesome series of articles compiled by Nischala Murthy Kaushik , a prominent blogger and Anjali Gulati, founder of human …

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Two Inspiring Women and Their Stories of Financial Freedom

This article was originally written for  Women’sWeb On August 15, we celebrated our country’s freedom day. I celebrate freedom the moment I meet a Gruhini  whose mind is free of money worries. As I celebrate the freedom I share inspiring stories of two women and how they are achieving financial freedom in their lives. The Lady Who Locks Her Credit Card Shweta Narayan, Environmental Activist, Chennai …

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