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A Budget Holiday in Goa

Go Goa Gruhini Style Is Goa your next holiday destination? Then you better spend few minutes reading this post. For your Great Gruhini just returned from the beach city with a fresh mind and not so big hole in the pocket.  Don’t forget to keep just three things in mind. You will be happy to realise that holidays after all …

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3 Steps to a Frugal and a Terrific Diwali

great, gruhini

Festivals like Diwali test our inherent nature of that being a spender and saver. Women like me who often hear “why don’t you plan it in advance” from their mums all the time, are the ones who end up spending more than what’s really needed. I often develop short term amnesia around festival time. I forget about left overs like …

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A Vice President and a Money Savvy Mom!

Heard of Most Powerful Women in Business, in Politics, in World, but ever heard of Money Savvy Moms? Yeah, these are the Moms who work hard not only in their profession or their house, but also make their kids understand what money really is. Our First Money Savvy Mom is Ketayun Irani, 42 year old Vice President (Finance) at the …

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