Saturday , September 21 2019
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A Little Known Investing Gem That Earns More Than A Fixed Deposit

Hope my Gruhinis are getting wiser with their spending and savings! Let’s get wiser with investing too! Your Great Gruhini helped you become friends with Funds and Sensex, let us know more about a popular investment option these days. It’s a “Non Convertible Debentures (NCD)”. Companies issue NCDs that pay interest which is more than a bank fixed deposit. Now …

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A Mother’s Guide to the Best Bank for your Child

Hello fellow gruhinis,I hope my last blog inspired you to try out the 5 ways to make your children understand what money means. Join me today, as I take a step further by helping you choose the Children’s Savings Account for your little one/s. I did some window shopping around my residential area and found that there are at least …

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