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9 Steps to Filing Income Tax Returns on Your Own

My 5 year old son confided in me that he believes a scary old man or “Buddha Baba” visits his room at night from time to time and that he wanted to sleep in with us, as he was scared of entering his room.  Just as I was about to tell him that there is no such thing, I realised …

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A Checklist Manifesto for Tax Troubles!

Getting jittery about how to invest for saving taxes? Don’t worry as you aren’t alone. March is that time of the year when procrastination haunts all of us and we say to ourselves: “How I wish I had planned for this earlier in the year!” “How I wish I had spent more time in understanding how my income tax is …

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Taxing Times

This is the season to get worried, la,la,la!!! Yes fellow Gruhinis’ its tax season! You know the time we desperately wish we had asked Santa for Harry Potter’s wand, so that we could get over and done with those horrid tax return forms. But fret not! For although the Great Gruhini certainly does not possess Harry’s magic wand, she certainly …

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Kahaani Salary Slip Ki

great, gruhini

A complete guide to decode your salary slip Forget the Ramola Sikand and Tapasya of the telly land, the greatest vamp of all time is the one that shows up in your life at end of every month. Dressed to kill, she seduces you with her charm and you fall for what she promises you, only to realise much later …

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