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5 Things about Pre-2005 Currency Notes


Since this post was first written, RBI has increased the deadline for exchange of pre 2005 notes several times. As per the latest circular, the deadline is once again extended to December 31, 2015. Getting worried about Reserve Bank of India’s new rules on currency notes? Here are 5 reasons you shouldn’t. Is Money Kumar (currency notes as my son …

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Money Lessons from a 9 year old Game Show Host

Have you heard a 9 year old say “I wasted Rs 1,000 on buying a necklace and on eating out” The moment I heard it from my neighborhood friend, Srilekha Arun’s daughter, Pranati, I knew I had found the first money savvy kid for my blog. Given her age, Pranati, could have spent the money on a doll set. She …

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