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Save (Money) and the Day with Spiderman (and the Avengers)

Hello Fellow Gruhinis,

Firstly, an EID MUBARAK to all!!!

If like me, the long weekend, has already got you stressed about keeping your little devil busy? Fret not!!! For the Gyani Gruhini is here, and this time she has called on the help of some her superhero friends; Spiderman, Iron Man, Thor and the Black Widow – who will help your child to learn money concepts, budgeting,saving. Click on the image below to see the comic book.

The comic book which is sure to be enjoyed by your kiddo and his daddy alike, is designed for VISA Inc and is a great way to keep both the men in your life busy while you are away on the much deserved shopping spree!!!

And if you have girls in the house who don’t fancy superheros like this Gruhini, then keep them busy with these fun online money games–Money Metropolis or a Road Trip to Savings game, depending on their age level. These games are also designed by VISA Inc


Courtesy: www.Practicalmoneyskills.com

So Gruhinis, Happy Shopping and Happy Teaching to the dads !!!

Never Forget – you are a real life superhero!!!

About Rachna Monga Koppikar

Rachna aka your Great Gruhini is a finance writer with over a decade's experience in writing about personal finance matters with leading financial publications of India. As she studies to be a certified financial planner, she is also on a mission to make every woman a money savvy individual. So shed your inhibitions. Get over your money worries with The Great Gruhini. Write to her at thegreatgruhini@gmail.com

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