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Getting Funny with Money (Part 2)

Fellow Gruhinis, Till the time I am working on a new dose of money gyan, here is a “must buy” DVD list for your kiddos. They will see how the young kids in the two movies deal with too much money in their hands and probably understand it better when you try to give a money lesson next time.

Tip: At the end of the movie, ask your kiddo what he really liked about the movie instead of you telling them about the message in the movie.

Blank Cheque (Walt Disney Productions)

A 12 year old boy is tired of money lectures from his parents and big brothers. He gets lucky when his bicycle is overrun by a car and the owner accidentally gives him a blank cheque. He gets to spend the dollars the way he wants. But the young boy’s party comes to an end as the owner of the cheque wants his money back..

Buy it at Ebay.in for Rs 1600 or watch it on Youtube, if pirated prints work for you.

Millions (Danny Boyle’s Direction)

Two brothers get a sack full of pounds in their neighborhood. Simple plot, you may think. But the hitch is that the country is going to switch to Euro currency in seven days. So watch it to know how the brothers spend the pound.

Buy it at Ebay.in for Rs 1325

This blog’s inspiration came from my husband, Vikram Koppikar, who interprets legal acts for a living and interprets world cinema as a hobby. Happy Watching !!!

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