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Getting Funny with Money

Hello Gruhinis

Hope the festival season rejuvenated your spirits. I have got something that will rejuvenate the spirits of the  energetic young souls around in the house who still have two weeks of school holidays (in some parts of the country, diwali vacations are for two weeks).

In continuation with our series on how kids can be taught about money, I share another set of books, online and offline game ideas for your pre-schoolers, youngsters and teens.

Image Source: prathambooks.org1. Rupaiya Paisa Series by Pratham  Books: The money concepts such as needs vs wants, the difference in getting and earning money, savings etc are explained through colourful illustrations in this four-part series. It will surely catch attention of kids in 4-8 year age group. However the third and the fourth part (Money Managers and Be Wise with Money) may appeal only to teenagers as it talks about concepts of fund managers, insurance etc which I am not sure if the younger kids will be interested to know.

Having said that, this is the probably the only series of book available in the hard copy format. Another great series of RBI books that explain money and banking through illustrated stories of Raju and Gopi Chacha, is available online only.


2. Online Money Games: I came across kidsmathgamesonline.com website which has 7 money games which your 8 year olds and above will enjoy as it requires application of basic number skills.  So there is a shopping game which gives them a budget and a shopping list or there is a bus game in which kids have to help conductor count the pennies per passenger. 

3. Do it yourself Money Games at Home: I read about some of these ideas here. Easy to implement and kids across age groups can get involved, thereby giving you some free time.

1. For 4-6 year olds: Paint a Clay piggy bank or the usual coin towers that will help them recognise smaller denomination currency.

2. For 6 year olds and above: Make picture cards or cut outs of things your kids use on daily basis like toys, eatable stuff. Or make a picture cards of things based on needs and wants category. Let the kids arrange them in a ascending order of price or on the basis of needs and wants.

3. For 12 year olds and above: Plan a short outdoor trip. Give them a budget and let them decide every bit of that short trip: Let them decide on things like should we take our car or use public transport? Should we eat out or take home cooked food? You can replace the same with a holiday planning, if that’s on the cards.


About Rachna Monga Koppikar

Rachna aka your Great Gruhini is a finance writer with over a decade's experience in writing about personal finance matters with leading financial publications of India. As she studies to be a certified financial planner, she is also on a mission to make every woman a money savvy individual. So shed your inhibitions. Get over your money worries with The Great Gruhini. Write to her at thegreatgruhini@gmail.com

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