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Thank You Gruhinis, You are the Wind beneath Our Wings

Dear Gruhinis

We are in high spirits of celebrating Christmas, leaving behind 2015  and all set to embrace a new year. We spend cherished moments with our family and friends and feel blissful about being together.

We at TheGreatGruhini.com are feeling blessed too.

We are blessed to have Gruhinis like you, your spouses and kids, who we would like to believe, have developed a deeper bond with their money in our two and a half year journey.

Its time we expressed our gratitude to Gruhinis who have empowered us with their fascinating stories of managing money, teaching kids, managing career transitions, setbacks.

Whenever we are in self-doubt, we read these time-less stories.  Here is a quick recap of the Gruhinis who have helped Thegreatgruhini.com  reach a wider audience.

My first note of gratitude goes out to Ketayun Irani, a vice president at an IT company and a Gruhini who gave us the first lesson on how to be a money savvy mom 

Deepa Jayaraman, a single mom who has dared to dream big despite personal setbacks. She adores spending time with her son, Shlok. And what really helped her do all this was a financial roadmap after the separation.

 My third note of thanks is for Fiona Dias Miranda, the Gruhini  who inspired me toteach my kid about experiencing gratitudeI have in-turn inspired 15 odd moms in my area to experience and teach our kids about giving without expecting anything in return.

Sangeeta Jain, another single mom reminded us through her story, that how important it is to know about family’s investments even if you aren’t the the breadwinner.

 Kalpana Pant and Geetha Laxmi Sathyanathan, the teachers who gave us valuable tips on how NOT raise entitled kids

Priti Fernandes and Shweta Narayan the Gruhinis from whom we learnt how to cut our  grocery bills by half and how to live a card-less yet a happy life respectively.

When we were in a nail-biting life decision of choosing the best school for our children, Sangita Jain Vasuraj told us about a financial ratio that can help us decide the best school for our children

In early 2014, hen we were warming up to the idea of online shopping, Smita Vanam told us how she found best online deals at 4 am!

 Sandhya Sadananda Gupta, an entrepreneur who stuck her neck out to tell us the truth about riding a business journey from a fulltime job . This was in 2013, much before you read realms of advice on women entrepreneurship.

We also thought about our Gruhinis who constantly were in search for a perfect work from home opportunity.  We invited four successful work from home moms– Deepa Govind, Gargi Banerjee, Jessi D Souza, Khyati Dharamsi and Gunjan Pai. They told us how they managed fresh green peas in the kitchen along with work deadlines and school picks ups!

And how can we forget about our Fashion Gruhinis, Sayanee and Priyanka who always ensured that we are up to date with the latest fashion and beauty trends

It has been truly a fantastic journey with all of you. Wish to create more gems in 2016!

Happy 2016!

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About Rachna Monga Koppikar

Rachna aka your Great Gruhini is a finance writer with over a decade's experience in writing about personal finance matters with leading financial publications of India. As she studies to be a certified financial planner, she is also on a mission to make every woman a money savvy individual. So shed your inhibitions. Get over your money worries with The Great Gruhini. Write to her at thegreatgruhini@gmail.com

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