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Ask Great Gruhini: What does a Stock ticker indicate?

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There is no question or doubt about money that can be too embarrassing or silly.. One of our dedicated reader, Deepali  Shewale asked us a query on investing in stock markets and Initial public offerings (IPO). “I am a beginner in understanding how the stock market works and how do to mindful investment. I have following queries” 1. On Business channel …

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In 5 Steps, Get Ready for an IPO Party

Few days ago, leading business papers told you about mega Initial public offerings (IPO) ready to hit the market. A leading coffee joint,  an airlines that offers cheap rates and reasonably good service, an online retail website, all of them are about to issue their shares to public for first time. Post IPO their shares will get listed on a stock exchange.  …

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Is a Theme Park Company, a Good Investment?

If you live in and around Mumbai, Pune, you must have heard or you must have visited Adlabs Imagica, an amusement park. The promoters of this theme park want to raise money by issuing shares to common people like you and me, the technical term for such issuance is an initial public offering (IPO) . So Adlabs Imagica’s promoters have offered around …

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Making Sense of Sensex at 25000

Sensex and Saas, are two mysteries of every Gruhini’s life. Both never cease to surprise us: one does with its moods and another with its moves. Our spouse can help us handle our Saas’s mood swings, but when we ask them about Sensex moves, they end up changing their mood! But you don’t have to worry. Your Great Gruhini has …

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Baby Steps to Stock Market Investing

Headlines like “Best investments for 2014” or “10 stocks to bet your money” or “Investment not to be missed in 2014” are on the newspaper shelves and magazine stands. The sophisticated nerds on television will talk about outlook for 2014, Sensex estimates for next five years. It will probably make your head spin. I know Gruhinis, most of us just …

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Gyani Gruhini’s Guide to Smart Investing

When I started writing this blog, I asked my gruhini friends “So what would you like to read in a personal finance blog?” “I want to know the best investment option today?” said one. Another friend asked “where should I invest when economy is doing bad?” Yet another one who works from home asked about investments which give maximum tax …

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