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A Ready Reckoner of E-Filing Portals

Filed your tax returns? Pat your back. Go and watch the latest  Salman Khan flick, if you haven’t read the critics review yet!

Mall visits can be alluring too, given the flat discounts can tempt you in to changing your wardrobe. 

That’s because anyone who has filed tax returns deserves a break. Collecting bank statements, fund and share transaction reports, insurance premium receipts is indeed an herculean task, no easier than trying to fit into our  college-wali jeans!

For procastinators like me who tend to leave things at the last moment, the midnight lamp needs to be on. For last two days, I have been collecting my  bank statements, mutual fund and share transaction reports, insurance receipts for the spouse and myself. The finding process will hopefully end soon.  The “filing” part will be outsourced to our  family chartered accountant. 

You can outsource the filing part too.Apart from the Government’s Income Tax website, there are many websites offering electronic-filing (e-filing) of tax returns.  And guess what, you can save few hundred rupees in filing fees as some of them offer free e-filing services.  To save you from the last minute confusion about which website to chose, The Great Gruhini did a quick comparison of prices of e-filing portals.

E-Filing Portals

Self E-Filing (Salaried only)  


Self E-Filing (Salary and Investment)


Chartered Accountant (CA) assisted Filing Fee(Min fee)

Cleartax.in Free: For WomenRs 300:For Men Free: For WomenRs 300:For Men Rs 600-Rs 1800(depends on sources of income)
Taxspanner.com Rs 449 (minimum) Rs 749 Rs 1249
Taxsmile.com Free (income upto Rs 5 lakh).Rs 250 (income more than Rs 5 lakh Free (income upto Rs 5 lakh).Rs 250 (income more than Rs 5 lakh) Rs 500
hrblock.in Free Free Rs 999
myitreturn.com Free (income upto Rs 5 lakh). Rs 299-Rs 499 Rs 399-Rs 599 (For review of IT returns)

Thanks to Khyati Dharamsi, a former journalist and a freelance writer for suggesting this post. 

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