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5 Work from Home Moms Share Their Secret to Success

3. Cultivate a Friendly Neighborhood.

Got kids at home and lots of them in your neighborhood? Be friends with their parents. Gargi Banerjee and Jessie D Souza will tell you that it can be a long term asset.

Gargi Banerjee
Gargi Banerjee

Atleast once a week, Gargi’s house turns upside down as her 3 year old daughter’s friends come for a play time. She uses that time to complete her assignments and grabs another few hours when her daughter sleeps in afternoon.

As Jessie communicates a lot over emails, manages clients’ social media presence and websites,but a good neighbourhood ensures that her daughter gets ample time to play with kids of her own age during her work hours. Besides school hours, she gets to work between 3.30-6 pm when her daughter sleeps.

Gargi’s Productivity Tip:

1. Be the first one to wake up in the morning and finish off important assignments. She calls this as “undisturbed time”

2. Get Spouse help whenever possible. Its indeed a bonus if your spouse works from home as well. Take turns for outdoor plays or babysitting.

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